DIY – Parisian-Inspired Side Table

I found another gem spot for treasure hunting! Hilltop Consignment in Culpeper always has tons of furniture at affordable prices. I cleaned them out of side tables, nightstands, and coffee tables during my last visit so I have a good month’s worth of projects all for $125 TOTAL! First up, a Parisian-inspired side table.

Sidetable Facelift



I used a damp cloth to wipe down the entire table and removed all the hardware. I use the all in one spray primer because it’s the easiest to apply to the furniture.

Side Table IMG_5621 IMG_5623_2 IMG_5624 Prepping the table


I used an antique white chalk paint for the body, legs, and drawer of the table. I like strong contrast of black and white so I painted the table top black. Initially, I used black spray paint but it looked horrible. It was splotchy and just looked cheap. So, I re-did it with an interior semi-gloss paint and it looked so much better. I used the same black paint for the hardware too.

Black table top IMG_5632 IMG_5629Painted hardware


Stenciling is probably one of the most time consuming and irritating craft projects I have ever tried. More is not better! Use very little paint and just keep going over the area in small circles. Otherwise, the paint bleeds under the stencil and it comes out looking blurry. This is exactly what I did on my first try and I painted over the entire thing with the black paint and let it dry so I could start over. My second attempt was better but still not perfect. I used a teensy paint brush and went around the edges of the stencil that had bled to touch it up.

IMG_5636 IMG_5639

The picture above is the “before” photo. I hated it and painted over it to start from scratch.

IMG_5642_2 IMG_5644_2


I used a spray clear sealant (again because it’s easier) and sprayed the entire piece to protect the paint. I’m pretty happy with the final product!

Parisian-Inspired Side Table

DIY – Parisian-Inspired Side Table

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