How to Dress Like Claire Underwood

Now that my binge of Season 3 of House of Cards is complete, I can focus on my latest fashion obsession: Claire Underwood. Her ultra-chic, simplistically elegant, and subtly sexy style makes her the hottest fictional First Lady ever. Check out the inspiration, splurge v. steal styles, and full outfits below!


Season three shows a soft shift in style for Claire. She has to be more conservative as the first lady but that does not mean any reduction in style of class. She wore this navy dress which has a fantastic shape for everyone:

*Photo Courtesy of Netflix*
*Photo Courtesy of Netflix*

This Neiman Marcus Lafayette 148 New York Full-Skirt Jacquard dress is pure structured perfection. However, the price tag is not. The Nordstrom Halogen Fit and Flare dress is a comparable substitute and a very similar shape for only $99!

Navy Claire Underwood Style Dress

My personal opinion is to land somewhere in the middle which is where Alfred Sung’s Dupioni Fit & Flare dress makes a strong entrance at $164:

Claire Underwood Navy Dress Style


If it’s before Labor Day it’s white; if it’s after Labor Day it’s winter-white. Either way, I don’t care because I’ll wear it year round paired with the right layers and accessories. I chose this gorgeous cream dress Claire wore for a press conference on the front steps of their Georgetown home for inspiration:

Claire Underwood White Dress
*Photo Courtesy of Netflix*

This dress is classic and chic and perfect for layering. So, I went on the hunt for a versatile white/ivory dress that could work 12 months out of the year.

White Sheath Dress Claire Underwood Style

The Neiman Marcus dress is by Elie Tarahi “Maria Fit & Flare” and is simply classic. My favorite is the “Marianna Sheath Dress” by T Tahari at Nordstrom because of the neckline and subtle ruching on the side. So, I built this outfit out:

Claire Underwood White Dress Style


During season 1 of House of Cards Claire wore a dress that “looked like steel” according to Zoe Barnes:

Photo Courtesy of Netflix
*Photo Courtesy of Netflix*

It is more formal than anything I would need lately so I found a more business-casual look.

Grey Dress Claire Underwood Style

I tried really hard to use the less-expensive version of this look but I’m in love with the splurge. There’s something about a light grey color that carries a level of class and elegance to it for daytime that the dark grey doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I’d wear the darker version as well, but for this style buildout I chose the splurge:

Grey Claire Underwood Style Dress


The black turtleneck is a style we’ve seen Claire wear in every season. While I haven’t worn a turtleneck in years (it makes me feel claustrophobic) I think it’s a great style to look at for inspiration:

Claire Underwood Turtleneck
*Photo Courtesy of Netflix*

It’s unclear if this style is a turtleneck sweater and a pencil skirt or a turtleneck dress. So, I’ve built out both styles While having separate pieces allow for a greater wardrobe mix, I prefer a dress so I only have to pick out one piece for my work outfit.

Black Turtleneck Dress Claire Underwood StyleI love the short sleeves on the Neiman Marcus dress but I’m not sure it’s worth the price tag. This is where having an excellent tailor in your pocket is key! Shortening the sleeves on the Nordstrom dress wouldn’t cost more than $20ish with our local tailor and would be worth the price difference to order the less-expensive option.

Claire Underwood Black Turtleneck Style

Black Turtlenecks

Black Pencil Skirt Claire Underwood Style

I hope this post shows you how easy it can be to add a little of Claire’s flair to your wardrobe!

How to Dress Like Claire Underwood

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